The Italian mini-hydro power plant in Montodine has been completed. It displays a single 500 kW turbine



Hydroelectric power in Italy: Montodine (Cr) plant complete

The commitment of Sorgent.e just gets stronger and stronger, through the group EPC Contractor S.T.E. energy in developing mini-hydroelectrics with small plants in Italy too. The first Italian plant of this type is in Montodine in the province of Cremona - Italy. It is scheduled for start-up over the next couple of weeks and will be officially opened by the end of the year. It consists of a single machine with a power of 500 kW. Thanks to the limited civil works and the ease of installation, the plant was developed in a very short space of time with works completed in just 9 months.

The technology that allows for the exploitation of the water drop (in this case 2.80 m) is the VLH (Very Low Head) turbine, a machine designed by the French MJ2 (a subsidiary of STE energy) and installed by S.T.E. energy which then built the whole plant.