South American water is full of energy

Interviewed by Panorama Economy, Daniele Boscolo Meneguolo - Sorgent.e’s managing director – talks about internationalization and development.

The choice of being international is part of Sorgent.e’s genes and balance sheets confirm that the direction taken is the right one: more than 100 million euro of turnover and +20% of profit with a number of plants being executed for an overall investment of more than 400 million euro.

Sorgent.e’s activities abroad have been developed by establishing partnerships with local companies and by implementing a product policy customized to the sensibility and needs of each hosting country.

For the future Sorgent.e is particularly interested in the countries of the Pacific Coast, where there is a growing sensibility to the environmental issues and a land structure suitable for hydroelectric plants.  

Read the whole article published on Panorama Economy in February 2012 .