STE Energy takes part to a conference on “Energy Efficiency”

Recently the debate about how to increase energy efficiency has become crucial,  increasing as well the number of topics to deal with. For this reason, businessmen and authorities from the north east of Italy met on March 26 at the Bo’ Palace in Padua, where the AEIT conference took place. Its title was “Energy Efficiency – a challenge for future and a business opportunity for companies” and STE Energy has been invited to expose into the session devoted to “solutions and success stories”.     

The conference stressed two main aspects, the crisis affecting all productive realities all over our country, on one side, and the fact that energy efficiency represents the most important and widespread innovation that can be applied to our country’s economy and society, on the other side.

Luca Maria Falzoni, invited to attend the meeting on the behalf of STE Energy, described how crisis can be considered as a challenge and a taunt to the way we work, quoting Einstein” It's during times of crisis that inventions, great strategies and discoveries are made" and how, starting from the description of the experience developed during these years of work, the companies belonging to the Sorgent.e Group have been able to face the market, constantly increasing their turnover, creating jobs opportunities and improving the local communities’ quality of life in those places where they developed their own projects.

The three main characteristics that allowed STE Energy and the other companies belonging to the Sorgent.e Group to constantly grow are offer differentiation - working on each kind of renewable energy plants -  internationalization of markets and continuous investments made of research and development which allowed to excel in a number of fields and to present an offer equal to that required by the market.