Italy - Crema (CR): new hydro power plant for Sorgent.e

Sorgent.e, by means of its subsidiary company C.E.V. S.r.l. performed the commissioning of the Crema hydroelectric power plant, in the Cremona province. This is the fifth plant connected by Sorgent.e in this province as well as the second placed on the Serio river.

At the present date, Sorgent.e is the leading hydroelectric producer with reference to the installed power and to the number of plants within this Italian province

The plant exploits a rated head of more than 5 meters and uses a Kaplan turbine with vertical shaft with a power of 1200 kW, which under full operational conditions will produce more than 4.5 million of KWh per year, meeting the demands of about 2000 families thus avoiding the emission into the atmosphere of about 5400 tons of CO2.

All of the electromechanical and automation works have been executed by S.T.E. Energy, which will manage the Operation & Maintenance activities as well.