Italy - Isola Dovarese (CR): new hydro power plant for Sorgent.e

Sorgent.e, through its subsidiary company I.D.E.A. Energia S.r.l., performed the commissioning of the hydroelectric power plant in Isola Dovarese, Cremona province, on the river Oglio, inside the regional natural reserve of South Oglio.

The exploitation of renewable energies is more and more widespread over the Po valley; by just considering the hydroelectric sector, more than 20 plants have been executed by Sorgent.e in the area between Mantua and Cremona.

The erection of the plant represented an event for the residents of the area, and it has been given pretty much attention by the local press.

The plant will exploit the waterfall near the Old bridge, which displays a rated head of barely 2,60 meters.

This has been possible thanks to the use of two 500 kW VLH turbines; moreover, these being submerged turbines, they support the erection of plants with low environmental impact.  

All of the electromechanical and automation works have been executed by S.T.E. Energy, which is also in charge of the Operation & Maintenance activities.

Once fully operational, the plant will be able to produce over 2,9 million kWh per year, meeting the demands of about 1300 families and thus avoiding the emission into the atmosphere of about 3.500 tons of CO2.

The plant in Isola Dovarese represents Sorgent.e Group’s commitment in the field of mini-hydro in Italy, where our technological leadership is ensured by innovative solutions such as the  VLH turbines, which guarantee the chance of being competitive in any kind of plant and confirm that nowadays it is possible to execute 'grid parity' hydroelectric systems”

These are the words of Daniele Boscolo Meneguolo, Sorgent.e’s CEO.