Sorgent.e becomes a leading company in the field of low head hydroelectric plants

The acquisition of the French company MJ2 Technologies Sas’s control shares, holding the VLH international patent, allows to Sorgent.e the integration of its offer in the hydroelectric field, which represents its real core business and, starting from its origins, the real driving force for the development of the group.

By doing so Sorgent.e increases the shares of the French company MJ2 Technologies sas it already held, going from 15,5% to the direct control of the company, which by all effects is now part of the group.

A new hydroelectric turbine concept designed for the exploitation of very low water heads (net head height ranging between 1.4 and 2.8 m) originated from an intuition by a team of professionals in the field of hydroelectric power plants highly experienced over the years and with hundreds of traditional plants executed.

There are up to now no equipments enabling the erection of acceptably profitable hydroelectric sites with a head lower than 2 m within the economical context of developed countries. Technically, existing technologies are available, but their implementation implies such civil engineering costs that they make the global investment too heavy to be supported.

In April, 2004  MJ2 technologies sas was founded in order to develop the new project from the scientific, R&D and industrial point of view.

In 2004 and 2005  the preliminary studies had been completed.

In 2006, laboratory tests on small scale models had a positive outcome thus confirming the technical performances, leading by the end of the same year to the commissioning of the first plant. 

Within the following 5 years MJ2 technologies closed agreements with partners in ten different European countries as well as in North and South America, performing the commissioning of more than 30 plants.

By the end of 2012, MJ2 technologies definitely became a company by Sorgent.e, which increased its initial shares up to a control share.