Huachipa: life giving colour to grey bricks

During a recent visit in Perù for the execution of the Quitaracsa hydroelectric power plant, in which S.T.E. Energy is involved being in charge of the electromechanical and automation parts, Lucas de Haro, Mario Arquilla and Daniele Boscolo visited Cesal, a Spanish NGO present in 15 South American countries which has been working since 1988 in educational, health and environmental projects.

With CESAL they have been able to see that, among the poverty of the most depressed metropolitan areas, there is a reality full of life and colour which builds schools, hospitals, parks, sport grounds, plantations and that, most of all, there are people.   

The Sorgent.e group, which is consolidating its presence in Perù as constructor and investor, well knows that the environmental commitment is not everything that matters while building hydroelectric power plants.

For this reason, Sorgent.e wants to grow up and work together with the local communities and with those organizations, such as Cesal, knowing the territory and working, through social projects, for the improvement of everybody’s living conditions.  

Read the letter of appreciation written after the meeting