Investing in Italy

Italy is the historical reference market for Sorgent.e’s finance activities.

Sorgent.e has been active in Italy since the late 1990s, when renewable energy was still not a matter of public debate.

Despite the bureaucratic difficulties involved with obtaining permits for new projects (difficulties that can dramatically delay the development of new plant), legislative solutions associated with green certificates and the national energy plan can, if well managed, prove of great interest to a company like Sorgent.e intent on becoming a qualified investor in its own country.

Past and current investments have targeted hydroelectric stations, wind farms and photovoltaic fields. As things stand, Sorgent.e holds participations in some twenty companies (SPVs) linked with about a dozen plants that are already operational, and is currently engaged in obtaining permits for hundreds of additional MW.

In recent years, Sorgent.e has become increasingly involved in projects featuring innovative solutions and advanced technology, as used in the most excellent and sometimes world-beating plant. The Paullo power station is one example: owned by Quattordici Spa, this is the world’s first low head hydroelectric station to incorporate permanent magnet bulb turbines. The Montodine power station, owned by C.E.V. Srl is another example: this features a special turbine based on VLH technology that can function with heads as low as one metre.

Other points of interest include Sorgent.e’s collaboration with local organisations in the management of wind farms and photovoltaic fields, and its work with key farm irrigation consortia on the multi-functional use of irrigation water. Sorgent.e is a global market leader in these areas.