Investing in the American continent

Sorgent.e has been involved in projects on the American continent for a number of years. Through our participated companies we operate in all markets that offer sufficient potential for development in renewable energy, including Brazil, Chile, Costa Rica and of course North America.

Sorgent.e has invested heavily especially in hydroelectric plant that satisfy the following conditions:

  • High environmental value: plant must have all the latest generation of characteristics to avoid damaging the natural habitats in which they are installed and to ensure ecologically sustainable operation.
  • High social and economic value: projects must form part of a system of relations and ties with local organisations such as farmers’ associations, local communities, and local councils, and must permit all parties to benefit jointly from the proceeds of the eco-sustainable exploitation of the water resources involved.

Sorgent.e has developed particularly strong links with American finance institutes and banks and is involved in various ongoing projects.

Sorgent.e values its partnerships with local organisations as opportunities for dialogue and exchange on the same level as its partnerships with national project companies. Along with key local operators, Sorgent.e is working with all such players on strategic initiatives in its areas of reference.