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The sun provides the energy that drives our planet.

The Earth receives an incredible amount of energy every day from a sun that has been functioning as a natural fusion reactor for over 4,6 billion years.

In just one minute, the sun provides enough energy to satisfy the world’s needs for a whole year. It has been calculated that “the solar radiation that strikes the Earth in just three days is equivalent in energy content to the world’s entire reserves of fossil fuels”.

Solar energy is a free and inexhaustible resource, but its exploitation is a relatively recent development and requires the availability of adequate technology, even today. Solar energy was used to provide heating for the first time in the late 1700s.

Scientific progress over the last thirty years has allowed us to develop increasingly efficient photovoltaic systems.

The latest forecasts and studies indicate that, because of its intrinsic properties as a potentially inexhaustible source of energy, photovoltaic technology is destined to play an increasingly important role in future energy production.

As things stand, two essential conditions have to be satisfied before investments in this area become viable: adequate technology has to be available and energy tariffs that make such investments profitable have to be in force.

Sorgent.e’s approach to photovoltaic energy

Sorgent.e concentrates its photovoltaic activities in areas where grid parity can be achieved most rapidly, and is actively involved in the development of new technology to make this source of energy more and more efficient.

The long and profitable relationship with local organisations that has allowed us to invest in conventional projects (e.g. hydroelectric and wind) in the past, has also permitted us to become a key player in the photovoltaic sector when conditions are right.

Sorgent.e holds a portfolio of investments in the photovoltaic sector, in countries where these two strategic factors mentioned above are both present.

Sorgent.e has been involved in many public and private photovoltaic projects, working as EPC Contractor through the operating company S.T.E. Energy.

Through its operating companies, Sorgent.e is currently installing a number of photovoltaic fields (covering different ground and rooftop surface areas), and is using the very latest technology to ensure the generation of dozens of MW.