The sun provides the energy that drives our planet.

The inexhaustible and indisputably clean energy of the sun has, for some years now, been harnessed to produce renewable electrical energy.

Two essential conditions have to be satisfied before investments are made in this area: technology has to be available to make prices competitive and energy conversion systems efficient, and energy tariffs that make such investments profitable have to be in force.

In order to minimise dependence on temporary subsidies, Sorgent.e concentrates its photovoltaic activities in areas where grid parity can be achieved most rapidly. Sorgent.e is also actively involved in the development of new technology to exploit solar energy more efficiently.

Sorgent.e currently holds a portfolio of investments in the photovoltaic sector in countries where these two strategic factors are both present. The long and profitable relationship with local organisations that has allowed us to invest in conventional projects (e.g. hydroelectric and wind) in the past, has also permitted us to become a key player in the photovoltaic sector when conditions are right.

Sorgent.e is currently investing in a dozen or so ground and rooftop fields incorporating the latest photovoltaic technology, for an installable power of dozens of MW.