Some of our services:

  • All the design activities needed to draw up preliminary, final and executive civil engineering, architectural, electrical and electromechanical plans and drawings for all work on energy production plant
  • All the activities needed for the geographic identification and registration of land
  • All necessary topographic measurements
  • All necessary geological, geotechnical and geophysical studies and surveys
  • Preparation of all necessary drawings and plans, general, technical and specialist reports on the project
  • Project measurements and estimations, useful or mandatory guidelines, and all other project plans and drawings (including structural and plant drawings and plans for environmental restoration and improvement)
  • Executive calculations for structures and installations
  • Maintenance plans for the plant and its constituent parts
  • Safety and co-ordination plans
  • Site environment management manual
  • Environment monitoring plan
  • Preparation of all mandatory declarations and formalities

These are just some of the plant engineering activities that allow Sorgent.e Management’s clients to invest in and assume the ownership of renewable energy plant with confidence.

Experience gained from hundreds of interventions, plus recognition by leading operators and banks enable Sorgent.e Management to provide the best possible solutions for the construction or upgrade of energy production plant.

Sorgent.e Management is your ideal partner in identifying the best possible technical and environmental solutions. We have dozens of references to prove our performance as a reliable and totally professional partner.