The decision to draw up a Code of Ethics to communicate our group’s values to our workforce and to the market as a whole was based on the conviction that an organisation that is fully aware of its guiding principles needs to ensure the responsibility of all involved as well as striving to create, grow and maintain business assets.

Our values reflect the ethical standards on which all Sorgent.e operations are based; they respect our principles while also keeping constantly in mind the needs of our international clients and partners, both public and private.

Sorgent.e strives to transmit to all stakeholders the principle that all business activities must:

  • use environmental resources in a way that ensures their permanence in time
  • respect the principles of good and prudent management backed up by suitable tools for certifying company organisations
  • ensure that human resources are aware of being directly responsible for achieving established objectives
  • adapt to real social and economic needs, and focus on the common good as a primary objective
  • implement ecologically sustainable investments in order to promote growth in underdeveloped nations and reduce their energy deficit

To respect the values declared at group level, our main operating companies have adopted adequate organisation, management and control models in accordance with Legislative Decree 231/2001 for a number of years. These models establish the roles and responsibilities of the different areas within our organisation and promote the transparence and sustainability of company operations.