Working with our Partners, and on behalf of all our Clients, we want to:

  • plan together
  • develop together
  • grow together

sharing common objectives.

Public Authorities

Many local, national and foreign authorities have begun moving towards renewables in order to solve small and large scale problems in their energy plans.

Sorgent.e is the perfect consultant and partner for public authorities facing the challenge of ecologically sustainable development thanks to extensive experience in all aspects of renewable energy plant construction. Our understanding of legislative measures, our ability to dialogue with local communities, and our technical and financial expertise make Sorgent.e the ideal partner for mixed public and private capital developments.

Sorgent.e has years of experience in working with irrigation and farming consortia in Italy and abroad on local development projects involving renewable energy.

Irrigation and farming consortia have major potential for eco-sustainable project development. They allow the exploitation and management of the water and land resources under their control to be combined with the production of renewable energy in a way that does not disturb the local area. This maximises the efficiency of existing resources and not only avoids spoiling the local habitat but actually ensures its conservation and promotes its development.


In all our activities, Sorgent.e constantly compares its know-how in the development, design, construction and operation of generating plant with that of top Italian and foreign engineering studios
All projects inevitably have their own unique problems and technical questions that have to be examined and solved on a case by case basis.

Our dialogue-based approach has enabled Sorgent.e to meet and work with top engineering companies all around the world. We are convinced that dialogue and focusing on problem solving opens the way to continuous growth and mutual understanding on a technical and cultural level.

Finantial Organization

The projects that Sorgent.e has completed in over fifteen years of activity have involved leading Italian banks and top international lenders as financial partners.

In line with its strategy of internationalisation, Sorgent.e cooperates actively with SIMEST and SACE, and is also linked with the International Finance Corporation (IFC - World Bank Group, Washington, USA), the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB, Washington, USA), the Corporación de Fomento de la Producción (CORFO, Santiago, Chile), the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations (Paris, France) and the European Investment Bank (EIB, Luxembourg).

All Sorgent.e’s investments are made in close liaison with financial partners involved in the project. This modus operandi ensures that two important parameters are always respected:

- all debt incurred is easily sustainable

- all projects generate an adequate level of profit

Thanks to a consolidated and longstanding relationship with many banks, Sorgent.e stands out among operators in renewables as a careful and dependable user of finance systems and a top flight interlocutor for national and international banks. Sorgent.e has the capacity to respond promptly to new investment opportunities.

Local Communities

Sorgent.e’s development strategies focus on the installation of modern technology that is friendly towards the environment and the lifestyles of local communities.

Every project we take on, whether a medium-long term investment or a commission to construct or install a new power station or generating plant, is always characterised by the greatest care for the area in which work takes place.

In parallel with its core business activities, Sorgent.e also invests in public infrastructures, healthcare and education to make a more tangible contribution to the places and communities we interface with.

We also promote the creation of jobs for local people, sub-suppliers, and all types of local partners, thus improving the standard of living of hundreds of families.

On various occasions in the past, and with ever greater frequency, Sorgent.e places its expertise at the service of non-profit cooperatives in the field, especially during the course of projects undertaken in newly developed and developing countries.

Sorgent.e also supports specific cooperation projects, managed by qualified NGOs, and worthy of support and backing, in order to promote the wellbeing of local communities.

Clients & Partners

Over the years, through its operating companies, Sorgent.e has established itself as a rock-solid reference for buyers and suppliers in the investment, management and contracting sectors.

Our constant attention to the development and installation of advanced technology over the years has led to the creation of consolidated partnerships with leading international electrical energy and plant engineering companies.

In certain cases, Sorgent.e has formed joint-ventures or participated companies in order to invest with suppliers and clients in new technologies to safeguard the environment and exploit previously critical and unexplored conditions in an innovative and ecologically sustainable manner.

One of many examples is Sorgent.e’s participation, via one of its operating companies, in the French project that developed VLH technology, one of the few technologies currently available that is able to use small turbines to exploit marginal heads of as little as one metre.