Wind ...

Wind is one of the most effective sources of clean electricity. Our detailed analyses of the anemometric and morphologic potential of sites, our knowledge and experience of wind turbine technology, and above all our advanced services have allowed many private and public bodies to begin clean energy production.

Sorgent.e Management’s offer includes:

  • Identification of sites with measurement and analysis of wind potential
  • Micrositing and anemometric studies
  • Environmental analyses and evaluations (environmental impact studies, environmental impact evaluations, strategic environmental evaluations, etc.), plus all the administrative activities needed to obtain operating licences
  • Design to all levels of detail
  • Analysis and assistance in the selection of wind turbine suppliers and construction companies
  • Investment planning and legal and financial consulting for project finance
  • Project management and executive supervision of construction work
  • Production management and plant maintenance
  • The sale of energy and green certificates, CDM, JI, RECS, Emission Credits, etc.
  • Risk management
  • Contract management
  • Finance and accounting
  • Environmental compatibility and quality, safety and environment system management

Our vast experience and our links with leading sector operators allow Sorgent.e Management to act as a valid and exclusive interlocutor for public bodies and private companies intent on entering the field of wind energy.