Investing in Europe

Europe is without a doubt the most attractive market and the most aware of renewable energy issues. The latest European Community legislation sets out clear and binding objectives and quotas for the production of renewable energy. Over the next few years, renewables will see rapid growth in Europe provided the market remains positive and welcoming to the many initiatives present.

Sorgent.e is determined not be excluded from this scenario, and is participating in the development of numerous projects in various European nations, including France and some of the Balkan countries that have recently joined or are about to join the community.

Sorgent.e invests only in areas of consolidated expertise, where our wealth of know-how and experience allows us to fully evaluate new opportunities.

In Europe, cooperation with experienced national partners is essential in order to create a network of operational links and ensure that our participations effectively meet the needs of each individual nation.
Projects for hundreds of MW of hydroelectric, wind and photovoltaic energy are currently ongoing.