Some of our services:

  • Administrative and commercial management of relations with purchasers of energy and green certificates, as part of the management of contracts, billing, receipts and payments
  • Guaranteeing clients the best possible market prices by working with leading brokers
  • Handling relations with top global emission traders, major multinationals, utility companies, investment banks, public and private investment funds
  • Global services for all the main emission markets, including CDM, JI, EU-ETS spot and futures markets (all contracts negotiated: EUA, CER, ERU, VER) and the voluntary market
  • Assistance with market negotiations for companies and financial operators, provided through a set of services designed to guarantee the widest range of market opportunities to suit clients’ dimensions and strategies;

Sorgent.e Management guarantees clients total satisfaction with the market prices and levels of operating efficiency achieved. We also offer clients the opportunity to negotiate EUA (spot and future markets), all types of CER contracts (primary, issued, secondary), CDM, JI and the most innovative financial contracts, and guarantee income from the negotiation and sale of CO2 quotas.