Some of our services:

  • Identification and selection of suppliers, companies and operatives as well as professional and managerial personnel for the construction, installation, operation and maintenance of generating plant
  • Management of supplier relations, assistance and cooperation, and supervision of supplier activities leading up to the start-up of the plant
  • Technical consulting for the negotiation and stipulation of contracts, warranties and insurance policies with suppliers and designers
  • Administrative and financial consulting for the negotiation and stipulation of contracts with suppliers, banks, insurance companies and other bodies involved in the construction and operation of the plant
  • All project management activities following the commencement of work, necessary to oversee the construction of the plant administratively (scheduled payments and bank reporting, etc.), financially (applications for contributions, finance management, etc.), commercially (partner relations, etc.) and technically (supervision of works and interfacing with suppliers on and off site)
  • Monitoring and supervision of the administrative and executive commencement of works; assistance with commissioning and the preparation of all the documentation necessary for acceptance
  • Functional commissioning and performance testing of the finished plant

These are just some of the services that Sorgent.e Management can provide to their clients in order to safeguard their investments in renewable energy plant.

Experience gained from hundreds of interventions, plus recognition by leading operators and banks enable Sorgent.e Management to guarantee the highest standards of work in every phase of plant construction.