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October 2014 - (1)
  • Generate 2014. Sorgent.e emerges as a bridge between Canada and Latin America

    Clean Energy BC hosted the 2014 edition of its annual conference, Generate, in Vancouver, BC, Canada from Oct 15th to Oct 17th. In an environment of expectations due to potential big changes in the generation picture that British Columbia (BC) might experience in the next years, Sorgent.e was invited to talk about international markets.

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June 2014 - (2)
  • 10 years to start!

    On June 27 MJ2 technologies, a French company belonging to the Sorgent.e group, will celebrate its tenth anniversary.  
    The event will take place at MJ2 headquarters in La Cavalerie (Aveyron – Francia), where in the morning it will be possible to visit the workshop, whereas in the afternoon there will be a visit to the La Glacière hydroelectric power plant. 

    STE Energy has been awarded with the “EXPO APEMEC 2014” prize

    The company belonging to the Sorgent.e Group has been recognized as being the best hydroelectric power plant constructor by the Chilean association of electricity producers.

May 2014 - (1)
  • Openign of the hydropower plant in Isola Dovarese (CR)

    Sorgent.e inaugurated a hydroelectric power plant in Isola Dovarese, Province of Cremona. The Isola Dovarese hydroelectric power plant, which is placed on the Oglio river, inside the South Oglio regional national park, exploits the waterfall next to the old bridge, displaying a rated head of just 2,60 meters.

February 2014 - (1)
November 2013 - (2)
  • STE energy (Sorgent.e group) inaugurates its tenth plant in central America

    Sorgent.e, international player is more and more present in South American countries. After big works executed in Chile, Ecuador and Perù, the Paduan operator inaugurated a few days ago the Tacares power plant in Costa Rica, the tenth plant executed in this Central American country by STE Energy, a company belonging to the Sorgent.e group.

    Generate 2013. Sorgent.e in British Columbia

    Vancouver Generate, one of the most important conventions in North America on clean energy. Sorgent.e attended the conference as an exhibitor and sponsor, but its participation was much more extensive than this. The new challenges that the energy market in BC is facing have made innovations necessary. New technical, managerial and social approaches are required to be successful in developed countries such as Canada.

October 2013 - (1)
  • New developments for Sorgent.e in Canada

    Sorgent.e Hydro Canada Corporation, a Canadian subsidiary of Sorgent.e Holding, has acquired a portfolio of small hydro power projects under development that TransAlta Corporation has divested in the province of British Columbia.

August 2013 - (2)
  • Local communities, canals and VLH: Sorgent.e ´s successful recipe in Hydrovision International 2013

    Sorgent.e Holding attended Hydrovision International in Denver, Colorado, the most important conference on hydropower in North America whose 2013 edition was held on July 23-26.

    Sorgent.e Annual Report 2012

    Sorgent.e approves the Consolidated Financial Statements for the year ended December 31, 2012. During the FY 2012 the growth trend of the group’s been confirmed through new strategic acquisitions, the consolidation of production capacity with the commissioning of 4 new plants, the opening of new offices in Canada and the strengthening of its presence in south America with the signing of an important joint venture in Colombia.

April 2013 - (2)
  • Sorgent.e arrives in Colombia

    The foreign growth of the Sorgent.e group continues, and besides Chile, Perù, Equador and Costarica it looks with great interest to the Central and South American markets.
    Within the past few days Sorgent.e closed an agreement in Colombia in order to create a joint venture with the local utility ISAGEAN in order to execute hydropower plants under 30 megawatt.

    Italy – Temù: Execution of a new hydroelectric power plant

    STE Energycompleted the turnkey execution of the electrical, mechanical and automation works for a hydroelectric power plant in Temù, in the province of Brescia, on the Oglio river.

January 2013 - (1)
  • Sorgent.e becomes a leading company in the field of low head hydroelectric plants

    Sorgent.e gained the control of MJ2 Technologies, producer of the new VLH (very low head) hydroelectric turbine concept devoted to the exploitation of low heads. The target market for very low head VLH turbogenerators is that of sites with a net head height ranging between 3.2 and 1.4 m having flow capacity ranging from 10 to 30 m3/s per unit.

December 2012 - (5)
  • Italy - Isola Dovarese (CR): new hydro power plant for Sorgent.e

    Sorgent.e performed the commissioning of the hydroelectric power plant in Isola Dovarese, which employs 2 VLH turbines of 500 kW each. Once fully operational, the plant will be able to produce over 2,9 million kWh per year, thus responding to the demands of about 1300 families.

    Italy – Ariano Irpino (AV): new wind farm for Sorgent.e

    Sorgent.e performed the commissioning of the Ariano Irpino wind farm. Once fully operational, the plant will be able to produce more than 20 million KWh per year, thus meeting the demand of 8500 families and avoiding the emission into the atmosphere of about 24000 tons of CO2.

    Italy - Crema (CR): new hydro power plant for Sorgent.e

    Sorgent.e performed the commissioning of a hydroelectric power plant in Crema.  At the present date, Sorgent.e is the leading hydroelectric producer with reference to the installed power and to the number of plants within this Italian province.  

    Chile: new hydro power plant for Sorgent.e

    Sorgent.e completed the construction and performed the commissioning of Providencia hydroelectric power plant in Chile. This will guarantee the production of 58 million KWh per year, meeting the demand of about 25.000 families.

    STE Energy’s conference about the island mode operation of multiple speed hydro generators

    S.T.E. Energy has been invited to expose the results of its activities of research & development at HYDRO 2012. The project presented deals with the possibility of islanded operation for small hydroelectric generators with permanent magnets connected to the grid  through a frequency converter.

October 2012 - (3)
July 2012 - (2)
  • Sorgent.e presents its own centralized SCADA system

    During EXPO APEMEC (Association for small and medium hydroelectric power plants) which took place in Chile from 21 to 23 June 2012, Sorgent.e has been invited to give a lecture on the centralized SCADA proprietary software for the management of its plants.

    Opening of the “Città della Speranza” Pediatric Research Institute

    On June 8th, in Padua, there has been the opening of the new “Città della Speranza” Pediatric Research Institute. This building is considered the biggest European scientific research area on infant diseases.
    S.T.E. Energy, EPC Contractor belonging to the Sorgent.e Group, worked on the execution of the HVAC plants of the tower, both for the part devoted to offices and to the one devoted to laboratories.

June 2012 - (1)
  • Sorgent.e Annual Report as of Dec. 31, 2011

    Sorgent.e’s shareholders meeting approved the Consolidated Financial Statement as of December 31, 2011, which confirms the growing trend of all the financial and capital indicators, an entry into new market and in general an increase in corporate structure. This is due to the increase in production capacities thanks to the new plants entered in operation during the last twelve months.

April 2012 - (1)
  • STE Energy takes part to a conference on “Energy Efficiency”

    On Monday, March 26, at the Bo Palance in Padua, STE Energy has been invited to expose into the session devoted to “solutions and success stories” during the conference organized by AEIT “Energy Efficiency – a challenge for future and a business opportunity for companies”.

February 2012 - (2)
  • South American water is full of energy

    "We were born speaking to international markets" and their balance sheets demonstrate it, " 2011 made us register the best profit ever".

    These are Daniele Boscolo Meneguolo’s words – managing director of Sorgent.e - to Panorama Economy

    Huachipa: life giving colour to grey bricks

    In Perù, Sorgent.e meets Cesal’s experience, an NGO which has been operating for several years in educational, health care and environmental projects, aware of the fact that the environmental commitment is not everything that matters, especially in countries such as Perù. 

January 2012 - (1)
  • Opening of the Mariposas hydroelectric power plant in Chile

    Ribbon-cutting ceremony today in Mariposas, Chile, for the second hydroelectric power plant executed in the Andean country by Sorgent.e. Present at the ceremony, together with Daniele Boscolo Meneguolo,  Managing Director of Sorgent.eRodrigo Alvarez Z. Minister of Energy in the Republic of Chile and Vincenzo Palladino, Italian ambassador in Chile.

December 2011 - (1)
  • PV field: Sorgent.e closes 2011 with great business outcomes

    Sorgent-e as well closes the year with great business outcomes in the photovoltaic industry, with more than 30 MWp of installations made by STE Energy, EPC contractor of the group, and the entry into operation of 3 new PV plants owned by Sorgent.e.

September 2011 - (1)
August 2011 - (1)
  • STE Energy opens new offices based in Chile

    STE Energy opens a new office in Santiago, Chile. The new offices thus represent a further development step leading STE Energy to be more and more involved into a market which is full of opportunities. 

July 2011 - (2)
  • Sorgent.e: Amber Capital joins with 32.5%

    The Padua-based Sorgent.e Group - numbering more than 30 different companies operating in the alternative energies sector worldwide - has a new, important financial shareholder: the New York fund Amber Capital, guided by Joseph Oughourlian. The US institutional investor has joined the capital of the holding company of Sorgent.e through the private equity fund Amber Energia.

    S.T.E. energy sets to build the largest PV plant of the Lombardy Region (Italy)

    The photovoltaic plant involves installed power of 6 MW and will stand near the ex Nato base of San Fiorano (Lodi) - Italy.


June 2011 - (2)
February 2011 - (1)
  • S.T.E. energy, EPC Contractor of the Sorgent.e group, in Peru with Enersur (Gdf-Suez)

    The company S.T.E. energy, EPC Contractor of the Sorgent.e group, one of the most important Italian manufacturers of plants internationally, is taking an increasingly lead role in South America and in Peru in particular, where it has been chosen by a world player as is GdF Suez (with its subsidiary Enersur) to build and install a 112 MW hydroelectric plant.

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December 2008 - (1)
  • Quattordici spa: Opening of the Cassano d'Adda plant.

    To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Adda Nord farm, the company Quattordici spa, a subsidiary of the Sorgent.e group and the Muzza - Bassa Lodigiana Consortium officially opened the Cassano d'Adda - Scaricatore di Mezzo plant in Lombardy, in the province of Milan - Italy.

September 2007 - (1)
  • Sorgent.e Chile begins investments in Hidromaule SA.

    With its premises in Santiago de Chile, Sorgent.e’s subsidiary has started its activities within the important American market, investing on companies involved in projects devoted to the production of energy by renewable sources.

July 2007 - (1)
  • Sorgent.e enters France with Avanty sas

    Sorgent.e enters France with Avanty sas, the Group's French branch. With registered offices in the Toulouse area, at the foot of the Pyrenees, an area filled with water and some of the windiest and most sun-kisses areas of France, Avanty has begun investing in the development of projects in the sector of energy production from renewable sources.