Sorgent.e participated in Simpcw First Nation’s Career Day

Upon invitation, Sorgent.e was pleased to participate in Simpcw First Nation’s Career Day on February 13, 2014 in Chu Chua, BC.

The day was organized and hosted by Simpcw First Nation. In attendance were the community, council members, government agencies, industry representatives and students from the nearby schools.

All age groups in the community were represented. An impressive highlight was witnessing the involvement of the youth and seeing the faces of the future in the community. We were honored to be part of a day that was focused on helping to foster, connect and develop careers within the community.

Sharing our personal story of working with clean and sustainable hydropower was an opportunity to encourage youth and the community to work together with Sorgent.e at developing clean energy. 

Simpcw’s hospitality and generosity was very much appreciated. It was most enjoyable to meet new people, see the beautiful valley and savor the delicious lunch of bannock and taco toppings prepared by the community.

At our current stage of development, we were grateful to see the wealth of opportunities available for developing in the future as we prepare for the construction phase of our hydropower projects and continue our partnership with Simpcw First Nation.  The day further affirmed Sorgent.e’s core business of generating energy, while caring for the environment and addressing the social needs of local communities.